Maintenance of Small Distribution Board construction

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In our daily life, the domestic Small Distribution Board that the Small Distribution Board manufacturer indicates to use generally includes: Small Distribution Board, distribution cabinet, distribution panel, distribution board, electrical cabinet and other components, and the domestic Small Distribution Board gathers complete sets of equipment such as equipment switches, surfaces and so on. With the continuous progress of society, the current standard of household Small Distribution Board is becoming more and more complicated, which can be properly selected according to actual needs in daily use.

With the progress of science and technology, people's daily power systems are becoming more and more disordered. There are many standard types of household Small Distribution Boardes, because the structure and technical parameters of household Small Distribution Boardes are different. The products recommended by the manufacturer of household Small Distribution Board to users shall meet the actual needs of users, and the standard planning of household Small Distribution Board shall be planned according to the requirements of users.

In the construction site, the indoor or outdoor power supply system shall be set in the form of hierarchical power supply, which is the capacity of different levels of power distribution devices to match the practice. The power consumption and lighting consumption shall be set separately. The rated value and action setting value of other main Small Distribution Boardes shall be consistent with each value in the shunt, and the main automatic switch, shunt switches and leakage maintainer shall be installed. In the power distribution devices at all levels, it shall be reasonable and sufficient as far as possible to achieve the effect of graded and segmented maintenance.

Install some special anti leakage equipment in the Small Distribution Board, or use composite insulation materials. The insulation composite materials are safe to use: they have high functional insulation resistance, which can avoid leakage. It can maintain excellent dielectric energy at high frequency, does not reflect, block the transmission of microwave, does not rust, and can be used for a long time to avoid electric shock of the box.


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