What should be noticed when using the Split Meter Ready Board?

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When using the Split Meter Ready Board produced by the Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to the safe operation. Otherwise, it will be dangerous. What should be paid attention to? Let's have a specific look.


First of all, we need to know that when it is used, it needs to be regularly maintained to ensure that it can be in good working condition. When it is working, the marine engineers should focus on thinking and operate carefully to prevent accidents, otherwise they will be held accountable for personal accidents. The second is that after it is started, it enters the normal working state, and it needs to use the voltage and frequency to reach a certain specified value, and then it is switched on for power transmission. Only in this way can it ensure its safe use.


Then, when we use it, we should pay attention that the switch on the electric board should be in the "on" state. In this way, we can ensure that the emergency lighting can be put into use at any time.


The manufacturer of the Split Meter Ready Board said that it still needs to pay attention to a lot of problems when installing it. Before installation, it is necessary to select and purchase the incoming line. Generally, it is almost four square meters. When installing, it is necessary to clearly know the design of the wiring diagram of the Split Meter Ready Board, so as not to confuse the zero line and the live line.


Once the two are connected wrongly, there will be no power supply, causing misunderstanding to people. If the connection is reversed, there will be leakage. Because many zero lines are connected together in the leakage switch, after the switch is opened, only the live line is disconnected.

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