How to deal with the aging circuit of the distribution ready board? The distribution ready board factory will teach you

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During the use of distribution ready board wholesale, the line will gradually become aging, and after a certain time, the line can no longer be used normally. In our daily life, we should take safety measures when using the distribution ready board, regularly check whether the electrical lines are safe, and try not to pull the lines randomly. In humid places, we should take leakage protection measures for the lines, and install automatic air switches to prevent fires.


Replace the aging meter box in time to avoid short circuit caused by aging of the line. In addition, regularly check the use of the distribution ready board, especially the heat dissipation. Do not place combustible materials around the distribution ready board, especially check whether the distribution ready board is overloaded, try not to use high-power household appliances, and try not to use the distribution ready board in thunderstorm weather.


If you smell a pungent smell at ordinary times, you should check it in time to eliminate the cause. If you encounter a fire in a household distribution ready board such as a TV or an induction cooker, you should use a carbon dioxide extinguisher to put out the fire. Do not pour water directly over it. Or cover the distribution ready board with clean and wet bedding to extinguish the fire.


In case of fault or abnormal operation, cut off the circuit or give an alarm with the help of protective appliances.

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