Analysis on safe power consumption of Small Power Distribution Board by Small Power Distribution Board factory

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In low-voltage electrical appliance stores, Small Power Distribution Boards, distribution cabinets, low-voltage switch cabinets, construction Small Power Distribution Boards, etc. are the main products, which are widely used in the production days. In particular, in recent years, people's awareness of safe use of electricity and the continuous increase of urban construction have greatly improved the demand. Under the new situation, the active efforts of Small Power Distribution Board manufacturers in direct selling are also an important condition for promoting the healthy and rapid development of shopping malls. The normal and safe operation of the Small Power Distribution Board must be based on the correct device. What should be paid attention to when installing the Small Power Distribution Board?


According to the requirements of the location of the Small Power Distribution Board device, the Small Power Distribution Board is generally installed at a height of 1.8m, not too high, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to the daily operation. Select a dry and ventilated place, and there are no obstacles around.


It is necessary to use locking nuts to fix the electric pipes entering the Small Power Distribution Board. The wiring in the box shall be regular, and the terminal screws shall be fastened. Each circuit shall not have a joint, and the length shall be reserved. After the installation, the operation name of each circuit shall be marked. If it is necessary to make holes in the Small Power Distribution Board during the installation process, ensure that the holes are bright and smooth to maintain the wires.


The next step is to install the Small Power Distribution Board on the wall vertically and horizontally, and leave a gap of 5 or 6 mm at the edge. Clean up the residues in the Small Power Distribution Board. The Small Power Distribution Board manufacturer said that fluorescent lamps should be used as much as possible for living lighting at the construction site. When using the bulb, it shall not be close to clothes, mosquito nets, paper, sawdust and other inflammables to avoid fire. When using hand-held portable lamps during construction, the safety voltage below 36 V shall be used.

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