Distribution Ready Board manufacturer: precautions for installation of Distribution Ready Board

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When installing the distribution cabinet, pay attention that the lines in the distribution cabinet shall not be twisted, mixed or disordered, and pay attention to binding into bundles. If the operation is not standardized, the lines in the lighting Distribution Ready Board are disordered, and the two-layer plate tightly presses the nozzle, it is easy to affect the wire entering the box. If the wire is forced into the box, the insulation layer of the wire will be damaged in the long run, resulting in short circuit, and inconvenient maintenance for the direct sales of the Distribution Ready Board manufacturer.


The outlet holes shall not be opened by electric gas welding. Make sure that one pipe has one hole. The lines are arranged neatly to ensure that the position of the pipes entering the box is reasonable. The wires in the Distribution Ready Board shall be straight around the box to ensure that they are bound into bundles and arranged neatly.


When installing the Distribution Ready Board, do not install it firmly and the elevation does not meet the relevant requirements; It is also forbidden that the edges around the panel are not close to the wall. According to the manufacturer of the Distribution Ready Board, if the above problems occur, it is easy to cause the Distribution Ready Board to be not vertical, and if it is not close to the wall, it is easy to affect the use function of the Distribution Ready Board, and the appearance is not good.


In order to ensure the normal and safe use of the Distribution Ready Board, the manufacturer of the Distribution Ready Board requires the workers to set the elevation according to the design requirements. If the elevation is not specified in the design, it is necessary to ensure that the bottom edge of the Distribution Ready Board is about 1.5m from the ground and the bottom of the Distribution Ready Board is 1.8m from the ground.


The Distribution Ready Board shall be installed firmly, and the allowable deviation of installation perpendicularity shall not exceed 3mm. The edges around the panel of the Distribution Ready Board are close to the wall, the box, buildings and structures.

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