Problems needing attention in the production of Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light by Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light manufacturers

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The low-voltage electrical apparatus in the Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light is composed of residual current operated protector, circuit breaker and other electrical accessories. In the process of use, the Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light often has shortcomings due to various problems.


The Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light itself will generate heat during operation, so the temperature in the box will reach more than 60 ℃ in the high temperature season in midsummer. At this time, the temperature greatly exceeds the ambient temperature of these electrical appliances.


During the transformation of the Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light manufacturer, due to the large number of Ready Boards with Bulkhead Light required and the short construction period, the manufacturer required a large number of low-voltage electrical appliances, so the requirements for product quality were not severe, resulting in some defects shortly after the products were put into operation.


Due to improper selection of circuit breaker capacity during fabrication, for circuit breakers with the same capacity of different outgoing circuit equipment, and without considering the imbalance of three-phase load, the current level of some outgoing circuit breakers was not selected based on the normal selection type.

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