Precautions for Small Power Distribution Board manufacturer to connect Small Power Distribution Board

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The manufacturer of the Small Power Distribution Board indicates that the switchgear, measuring surface, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment are assembled in closed or semi closed metal cabinets or panels according to the electrical wiring requirements to form a low-voltage distribution equipment. During normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off manually or automatically.


Fault or abnormal operation depends on the protection of electrical appliances to block the circuit or alarm. By measuring the surface, various parameters in operation can be flashed, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to prompt or announce signals against normal operation. It is commonly used in various power generation, distribution and substation.


The equipment shall be located in a monotonous and ventilated place without any obstructions and shall be easy to use. Never put the Small Power Distribution Board in the box to prevent fire. Small Power Distribution Boardes (similar products of Small Power Distribution Boardes: distribution cabinets, box type substations) should not be too high. The general equipment elevation is 1.8m for easy operation.


It is necessary to fix the electric pipe into the Small Power Distribution Board with locking nuts. If the Small Power Distribution Board (similar products of Small Power Distribution Board: distribution cabinet, box type substation) needs to be perforated, the edge of the hole must be smooth and bright. The Small Power Distribution Board embedded in the wall shall be vertical and horizontal, and a gap of 5-6mm shall be reserved at the edge. The wiring in the Small Power Distribution Board shall be regular and neat, and the terminal screws shall be fastened.

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