What should be paid attention to when purchasing Distribution Ready Board?

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Now, due to the increase in the number of Distribution Ready Board manufacturers, the types and prices of Distribution Ready Boards in the market are uneven. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following points when purchasing:


1. Try to select well-known manufacturers to ensure the quality and safety of products.


2. The selected Distribution Ready Board shall ensure that the appearance of the product is complete without damage. And also check whether the product to be purchased has complete data, including the system diagram of the Distribution Ready Board, control schematic diagram and wiring diagram; Certificate of conformity of components in the box, operation manual and corresponding factory test report, etc.


3. Open the purchased product and check whether the component arrangement position is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the wiring is neat, the wiring meets the requirements, and the grounding is free of breakpoints.


4. When selecting a suitable Distribution Ready Board, you should choose a more suitable model according to your actual situation. Do not choose blindly to avoid wasting resources. Through the above brief introduction, I hope it can help you.

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