When the rainy season comes, be careful of electric shock in the Small Power Distribution Board?

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The Small Power Distribution Board factory reminds people to be careful of electric shock during heavy rain. During heavy rain, if the house is flooded, in order to prevent electric leakage after the electrical equipment is flooded, the main power switch shall be disconnected in time. If water is found in the Small Power Distribution Board, the power supply should be turned off at the first time to prevent short-circuit explosion.


Then blow dry the electrical switches, circuits and other components in the box one by one with a hot air cylinder. After ensuring that all components are dried, power on and close each switch one by one for test. During heavy rain, try not to go out and bypass the sections with serious ponding as much as possible.


The Small Power Distribution Board factory reminds that if you have to wade through the water, you must always observe whether there are power supply equipment near the road section, such as Small Power Distribution Board, distribution cabinet, high-voltage electrical equipment, etc., and whether the power supply line is cut off in the ponding. If citizens find that a power supply line is broken and falls on the ground or in water, they should not touch it. They should be 8 meters away from the landing conductor. They should never deal with it by themselves. They should immediately mark around, remind other pedestrians not to approach, and call the power supply department in time for emergency treatment.


It is not allowed to connect the ammeter to the two poles of the power supply without passing through the electrical appliance (the internal resistance of the ammeter is very small, which is equivalent to a wire. If the ammeter is connected to the two poles of the power supply, the pointer will be crooked, or the ammeter, power supply and wire will be burned out)


In case of electric shock, you can't save people with bare hands. You must turn off the power or separate them with insulating appliances and call the emergency center. The above suggestions put forward by the Small Power Distribution Board factory hope to avoid electric shock accidents caused by flooding the Small Power Distribution Board or conducting wires during heavy rain.

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