Split Meter Ready Board manufacturers popularize the knowledge of electricity meters

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The Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer introduces the concept of watt hour meter: the watt hour meter usually used by electricians is an instrument used to measure electric energy, commonly known as watt hour meter. Working principle of watt hour meter: working principle of mechanical watt hour meter: when the watt hour meter is connected to the circuit, the magnetic flux generated by the voltage coil and current coil passes through the disc.


These magnetic fluxes are in different phases in time and space, and eddy currents are induced on the disk respectively. Due to the interaction between magnetic flux and eddy current, the rotating torque is generated to make the disk rotate. Due to the braking effect of magnetic steel, the rotating speed of the disk moves at a uniform speed. Because the magnetic flux is directly proportional to the voltage and current in the circuit, the disk moves at a rotating speed proportional to the load current under its action, and the rotation of the disk is transmitted to the meter through worm, The indication of the meter is the electric energy actually used in the circuit.


The manufacturer of Split Meter Ready Board explains the basic principle of electronic watt hour meter: electronic watt hour meter uses electronic circuit / chip to measure electric energy; The voltage signal is changed into a small signal that can be used for electronic measurement by voltage dividing resistance or voltage transformer, and the current signal is changed into a small signal that can be used for electronic measurement by shunt or current transformer.


The converted voltage and current signals are analog or digital multiplied by a special electric energy measurement chip, and the electric energy is accumulated, and then the pulse signal whose frequency is directly proportional to the electric energy is output; The pulse signal drives the stepping motor to drive the mechanical meter display, or send it to the microcomputer for digital display after processing.


Working principle of ammeter: the ammeter is made according to the action of magnetic force on the energized conductor in the magnetic field. When a current passes through, the current passes through the magnetic field along the spring and rotating shaft, and the current cuts the magnetic induction line. Therefore, under the action of the magnetic field force, the coil deflects and drives the rotating shaft and pointer to deflect. Since the magnitude of the magnetic field force increases with the increase of the current, the magnitude of the current can be observed through the deflection degree of the pointer. This is called magnetoelectric ammeter.

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