What measures does the manufacturer of Electrical Distribution Board take to prevent fire?

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The fire prevention measures taken by the manufacturer of the Electrical Distribution Board are mainly to do a good job in the following aspects of daily life: patrol the power lines in order to find problems in time. When designing and installing electrical circuits, the insulation strength of wires and cables shall not be lower than the rated voltage of the network, and insulators shall also be selected according to different voltages of the power supply.


During the installation and construction of lines, the conductor insulation shall be prevented from being scratched, worn and bumped, and the quality of conductor connection joints and insulation binding shall be paid attention to. In places with special humidity, high temperature or corrosive substances, exposed laying of insulated conductors is strictly prohibited. Bushing wiring shall be adopted. In dusty places, lines and insulators shall be cleaned frequently without oil accumulation.


The manufacturer of Electrical Distribution Board is strictly prohibited to connect and pull wires randomly. When installing lines, wires with corresponding sections shall be reasonably selected according to the load of electrical equipment. Moreover, the spacing between conductors, between conductors and building components and between insulators for fixing conductors shall meet the requirements of the regulations.


Regularly check the line fuse and select the appropriate fuse. It is not allowed to thicken the fuse at will, and it is not allowed to replace the fuse with aluminum wire and copper wire. Check whether all connection points on the line are firm and reliable. Inflammables and combustibles shall not be stored nearby.


Electrical Distribution Board fire is fundamentally different from other fires because it is charged. In the process of treatment, the manufacturer of Electrical Distribution Board reminds that the existence of secondary injury caused by electric shock must be considered. Therefore, distribution board manufacturer provides you with the methods to deal with fire disaster and fire prevention measures in the case of power failure and electrification.

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