Understand electricity safety knowledge with Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer

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According to the manufacturer of the Split Meter Ready Board, due to the sudden reduction of resistance and sudden increase of current during short circuit, its instantaneous heating capacity is also very large, which greatly exceeds the heating capacity during normal operation of the line, and it is easy to produce strong sparks and arcs at the short circuit point, which can not only rapidly burn the insulation layer, but also melt the metal, causing the combustion of nearby inflammables and combustibles, resulting in a fire.


Overload fire: the so-called overload refers to that when the current passing through the conductor exceeds the safe carrying capacity, the temperature of the conductor continues to rise. This phenomenon is called conductor overload. When the conductor is overloaded, the aging and deterioration of the conductor insulation layer is accelerated. In case of serious overload, the temperature of the conductor will continue to rise, even cause the insulation of the conductor to burn, and can ignite the combustibles near the conductor, thus causing a fire.


The manufacturer of the Split Meter Ready Board explained that the fire caused by excessive contact resistance: as is known to all, there are connectors where wires and wires, wires and switches, fuses, instruments, electrical equipment, etc. are connected, and the resistance formed on the contact surface of the connector is called contact resistance.


When there is current passing through the connector, it will generate heat, which is a normal phenomenon. If the joint is well handled and the contact resistance is small, the heating at the joint point is very small and the normal temperature can be maintained. If there are impurities in the joint, the connection is not firm or the joint is in poor contact due to other reasons, resulting in excessive local resistance at the contact part. When the current passes through the joint, a large amount of heat will be generated here, resulting in high temperature. This phenomenon is excessive contact resistance.


According to the manufacturer of the Split Meter Ready Board, if the contact resistance is too large at some place on the electrical line with large current, it will generate great heat in the local range with too large contact resistance, make the metal change color or even melt, cause the insulation layer of the conductor to burn, and lead to the burning of nearby combustibles or the dust and fiber accumulated on the conductor, thus causing a fire.

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