Follow the Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer to judge the quality of a Split Meter Ready Board

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The increasing demand for personal and property safety protection has stimulated the rapid growth of the Split Meter Ready Board industry. At the same time, the reduction of system cost has also enabled the industry to enter a broad civil and household market, bringing greater business opportunities for the development of Split Meter Ready Boardes. Next, judge the quality of a Split Meter Ready Board with the direct sales of the Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer


First look at the shell thickness and material. The thicker the shell is, the more favorable it is to resist moisture and high temperature. It is not easy to deform, and it is easier to protect electrical components. Air switch quality. Different models of air switches with the same safety have different durability. The larger the model, the higher the durability, and the longer the service life of electrical components.


Second, copper bars. The resistance of copper bar varies with the cross section, thickness and material. Compared with brass galvanizing and medium and low-grade red copper galvanizing, superior red copper galvanizing has smaller resistance, more stable current and better wiring layout. The neat and uniform wiring layout is more beautiful and practical, which is more conducive to the operation of electrical operators. CE certification. Professional testing and CE certification can ensure the quality.


In addition, the manufacturer of the Split Meter Ready Board will tell you what should be paid attention to when selecting the Split Meter Ready Board. Design of drawings, internal budget of the enterprise, brand requirements of electrical components, comparison of qualification and strength of Split Meter Ready Board manufacturers in the market, and after-sales service of manufacturers.

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