Avoid operation accidents of Ready Board

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Ready Board, in the abnormal accidents of power system, malignant misoperation accidents, personal casualties caused by entering the charged interval by mistake, equipment damage and system power failure account for the vast majority. The function of the leakage switch in the Ready Board is to form an obvious disconnection point at the electrical connection part.


Therefore, the power frequency current value borne by the leakage switch is generally not too large. At the moment of cutting off the load current, the electrical will pull arc, and the current value will become larger, which will far exceed the load current of the leakage switch and produce high temperature. Therefore, it is not allowed to pull the leakage switch with load in the power system. The leakage switch can only be operated when the circuit has been disconnected by the circuit breaker. It is strictly prohibited to operate with load, so as to avoid serious equipment and personal accidents.


The grounding wire of the Ready Board is an important electrical safety technical measure. Its operation process should be serious, serious and meet the requirements of the technical specifications. Don't be careless. Therefore, we should correctly use the grounding wire, standardize the behavior of hanging and removing the grounding wire, consciously cultivate a rigorous safety work style and improve our own safety quality, so as to reject the hidden dangers thousands of miles away and avoid the electrical accidents caused by the grounding wire.


So what measures can be taken to prevent the live hanging of grounding wire to effectively prevent the occurrence of electrical accidents? 1、 Power off first. Obvious disconnection points are required. 2、 Check electricity. 3、 Hang warning signs. 4、 Hang the grounding wire. Hang the grounding terminal first and then the equipment line terminal. In addition, pay attention to personal safety measures, wear insulated shoes and gloves.


However, in practical work, due to the frequent use and seemingly simple operation of the grounding wire, it is easy to cause paralysis, and its importance is often ignored. Incorrect use often occurs, which reduces or even sometimes loses the safety protection function of the grounding wire, which must be paid enough attention.

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