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Today, the Ready Board factory will explain to you what is spacing; Causes of entering the charged interval by mistake; How to prevent entering the charged interval by mistake. Interval refers to: whether it is handcart type high-voltage switchgear or fixed type, each switch (such as circuit breaker, disconnector, etc.) has a relatively independent space.


This space is called interval. Then, how to prevent the high-voltage switchgear and bay type power distribution device (Bay) from entering the live Bay by mistake during the use and operation? When purchasing high-voltage switchgear, error proof devices with performance and quality meeting the requirements must be selected, and those that do not meet the requirements shall not be purchased.


The error prevention devices and operating procedures used in the newly designed power generation and transformation projects of the Ready Board shall be reviewed by the operation Department. The error prevention device used in the newly designed power generation and transformation project shall be put into operation at the same time as the main equipment. When designing, manufacturing and selecting error proofing devices, the following principles shall be considered:


The structure of the error prevention device shall be simple and reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and the complexity of normal operation and accident handling shall not be increased as much as possible. The electromagnetic lock shall adopt the gap type principle, and the lock bolt can reset automatically. Mechanical interlocking shall be preferred for the error prevention device used for the complete set of high-voltage switchgear. The error prevention device shall be unlocked with a special tool (key).


A large number of accidents occur in the Ready Board every year due to the non-standard and wrong operation of electricians. Accidents occur frequently just to prevent entering the live interval by mistake. The switch cabinet manufacturer reminds you that this is not only related to the safety of equipment, but also related to the personal safety of operators, so safe operation is the primary task.

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