Why should the Ready Board be earth bar?

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The manufacturer of the Ready Board explained that why can't it be switched on with the grounding wire? Because closing the disconnector with ground wire usually occurs when the maintenance work is completed and the equipment needs to be powered on. Once the disconnector on the bus side is closed, the disconnector will be charged. If the ground wire is not removed, the bus will be directly short circuited. If the disconnector wire on the line side is not removed, once the line switch is closed, there will be three-phase short circuit. In case of three-phase short circuit, there will be a serious short circuit accident!


If it is high-voltage equipment, it will produce sparks and cause fire! Removing or installing the on load pull disconnector is a bad misoperation. Because the disconnector of the switch cabinet has no arc extinguishing device, when the circuit breaker is not disconnected, pulling the disconnector by mistake will cause arc injury Burning out equipment and phase to phase arcing short circuit will cause major accidents in serious cases, which is very dangerous.


According to the manufacturer of Ready Board, it is common to see a large number of accidents caused by nonstandard and wrong electrician operation every year, so safe operation is the primary task. Therefore, the switch cabinet manufacturer reminds you that the operated equipment can be operated only when the operation instruction corresponds to the operating equipment. In order to protect the safety of the operator, one of the five prevention items of the switchgear is called "preventing the live hanging of grounding wire".


Next, the manufacturer of Ready Board will introduce to you why it is necessary to "prevent live hanging of grounding wire". Grounding wire is an important tool for workers in case of unexpected voltage on equipment and lines that have been powered off.


Hanging the grounding wire is a safety barrier to protect the maintenance personnel, which can prevent the injury of sudden calls to human body. The grounding wire is the line directly connected to the earth, which can also be called the safe return line. When it is dangerous, it will directly transfer the high voltage to the earth, which is regarded as a lifeline.

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