What should be noted during the use of the meter box (ready board)?

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Electric meter box (ready board), a very common electrical auxiliary product, has different shapes and sizes. It exists in the family, the corner of the building and even the corner of the red street lamp, playing a protective role silently. All products related to electricity must ensure safety. What should be paid attention to when using the meter box (ready board)?


The first is to avoid poor grounding or connection to other metal objects as much as possible. The function of the electric meter box (ready board) is to connect all kinds of wires and play the role of overall control. Under normal conditions, high-voltage current is transmitted between the wires. Once the box is poorly grounded or in contact with energized metal objects, it is easy to leak electricity in the case of short circuit. Once the human body is not careful, it will get an electric shock, which can cause life danger in serious cases.


The second is the installation position. One of the functions of the electric meter box (ready board) is to protect the general electric meter and avoid the danger caused by the contact between the electric wire of the electric meter and the outside world. During the installation of the electric meter, it is necessary to carefully select the location, and install it at a place where it is difficult to touch or where there is a small number of people and a protective fence, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.


Finally, regular inspection and maintenance. Nowadays, many materials are used in the production of the electric meter box (ready board), and the safety performance has been greatly improved. However, regular inspection must be essential. Only in this way can the use of the electric meter box (ready board) be longer.

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