Precautions for installation of outdoor meter box

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The electric meter box is a device that can protect the electric meter and is widely used. Especially for outdoor electric meters, the electric meter box is an indispensable protection device. There are many kinds of meter boxes, including transparent meter boxes, stainless steel magnetic card meter boxes, etc. the functions and uses of various meter boxes are different. When the outdoor meter box is installed and used, special attention shall be paid to relevant matters to fully play its due role.


So, what should be paid attention to when installing the outdoor meter box? Here is a brief introduction.


1、 Rain proof measures must be taken


Since the outdoor meter box is installed outdoors, wind and rain are inevitable. The meter protected by the meter box is an electrical equipment, and rain and moisture prevention is very important. Therefore, rain prevention measures are very important when the meter box is installed outdoors.


2、 Wires used for the meter in the meter box


Each meter has wiring, including insulated copper wire and loop wire, which shall meet relevant requirements, especially the size of wire shall meet the standard requirements. At the same time, the neutral line shall be installed separately and cannot be shared.


  1. Insulated flame-retardant wires must be selected in the metering box. At the same time, the wiring design shall be reasonable and the incoming and outgoing lines shall be separated.
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