Nine advantages of transparent meter box

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What are the advantages of transparent meter box? The meter box factory introduces the nine advantages of transparent meter boxes.


1. The top of the transparent meter box is set with a double-layer structure, which has the effect of heat insulation.


2. The surface of the transparent meter box is brushed to remove glare, glare and focus.


3. The box and door of the transparent meter box shall be fully enclosed, with sealant strips and waterproof grooves. It has four major functions of rain, wind, sand and dust prevention.


4. The plate material of transparent meter box is polycarbonate PC.


5. The upper and lower sides of the transparent meter box are equipped with special respirators, which can form convection air, play a cooling role and ensure the drying of the internal parts of the box.


6. The lead out hole of the transparent meter box is improved to "I" type detachable structure to facilitate the introduction of cables.


7. The lighting inside the transparent meter box adopts the refrigerator structure. Once the door is opened, the light will be on, which is convenient for the staff to repair it.


8. The exterior of the transparent meter box is composed of micro trace and non trace manufacturing process, which makes its appearance more beautiful.


9. The terminal box used in wet environment or frost and dew season can be equipped with dew point controller to prevent insulation degradation and short circuit fault caused by frost and dew, and ensure safe and reliable use.

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