Why transparent plastic meter boxes (ready boards) are favored in rural areas?

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Why are transparent plastic meter boxes (ready boards) popular in rural areas? The following three aspects are analyzed.


1. Past rural electricity users


In the past, rural areas generally used electricity by installing meters. However, many users' meters were installed under the eaves and on the walls, without covers, exposed to the wind, sun and rain. For a long time, the meters would break down. Some users also placed sundries on the electric meter, causing leakage, resulting in unsafe use of electricity and burning of the electric meter.


2. Current situation of rural power consumption


With the development of modern science and technology, the impact of human activities on the environment is increasing. Green environmental protection and low-carbon life have become issues of concern in people's daily life. The new environmental protection material meter box is favored by the majority of users. After the transformation of rural power grid, this new transparent plastic meter box has been applied in most areas.


3. Function and material of transparent meter box


The meter box is made of weather resistant polycarbonate, and the bottom of the box is made of flame retardant ABS and PC / ABS alloy engineering plastics. The transparent meter box manufactured has high insulation, high transparency, UV resistance, anti-aging, acid rain resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, high impact strength, and good rain proof, dust-proof, ventilation and heat dissipation functions. Its normal service life is more than 20 years.

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