What is the button on the meter box (small power distribution board) for?

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The buttons on the meter box (small power distribution board) are mainly leakage protection buttons, which are used to check whether there is leakage in the home. This key is called the safety key, also called the life key. Sometimes there is a sudden power failure at home, and many people think that there is no electricity bill or there is something wrong with the circuit. In fact, this button is very likely to indicate that our home is leaking electricity, and we need to ask someone to repair the wire in time. With this button, you can save a lot of things in life.


Therefore, we should check whether there is electricity leakage at home every month. If this button is pressed to trip, it means that the front line is safe. On the contrary, if this button does not change, there is leakage in the meter. Remember to repair it in time.


The material of the meter box (small power distribution board) is very corrosion-resistant and will not affect itself due to some corrosive materials. It can well resist some acid soil and acid rain. Therefore, compared with previous products, its service life is longer and it can effectively resist aging. In addition, the material of the meter box (small power distribution board) conforms to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and will not release substances harmful to human body when burning.


Household appliances are generally 220V, so the meter box (small power distribution board) used does not need too high performance; However, in order to avoid safety accidents, it is still necessary to install electrical materials with good insulation performance, chemical corrosion resistance, ultraviolet aging resistance and long service life; With the meter box (small power distribution board), people can better enjoy the safety and convenience of electricity.


The specifications of the meter box (small power distribution board) can be divided into 8 specifications: 2 meter position, 4 meter position, 6 meter position, 8 meter position, 9 meter position, 10 meter position, 12 meter position and 16 meter position. For the metering boxes with more than 16 meters, multiple related metering box combinations, incoming switch rooms and outgoing switch rooms can be used. The electric meter box (small power distribution board) has the characteristics of insulation, safety, prevention of live leakage, flame retardant, anti-theft, no grounding, grounding grid installation disputes, construction difficulties and high cost.


The main supporting products of public power grid meter box (small power distribution board) include: cable branch box, low-voltage distribution box, water pump control box, communication device cabinet, street lamp and traffic light control box, multi-functional metering box, comprehensive distribution box, capacitance compensation box, terminal box, wall mounted distribution box, metering box, etc.

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