What is the function of the circuit breaker in the meter box?

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Before, electricians often installed an additional circuit breaker when installing the meter box for us. What is the function of this circuit breaker? Is it to prevent leakage?


Generally, during the installation of electricity metering equipment, electricians will install meters, meter boxes and circuit breakers respectively. Among them, this supporting circuit breaker is particularly particular. It is a low-voltage air circuit breaker with simple function. As long as the current exceeds the specified number, the power supply will be cut off immediately after the load, so as to protect the ammeter from damage. This circuit breaker does not have the function of preventing leakage. To prevent leakage, it needs to install a protector. In addition, the supporting circuit breaker belongs to the user's personal selective installation, the cost is provided by the user, and the operation and maintenance are also borne by the user, so as to ensure their own safety and make the household electrical equipment safer.


This is the function of the circuit breaker supporting the meter box. There is no trivial matter about safety. Don't refuse to install it because of greed for benefits, otherwise the loss may be greater.

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