This is the correct solution when the meter box (ready board with bulkhead) is on fire

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As we all know, the function of the meter box (ready board with bulkhead) is to protect the meter and prevent leakage. However, in case of rainy days or emergencies, the meter box (ready board with bulkhead) will suddenly burn due to short circuit of wires, which is easy to cause fires and bring huge losses to life and property.


What should we do at this time?


In such a situation, don't panic, keep calm, immediately notify the owner or the people around, disconnect the main switch, use a wooden pole to separate the meter box (ready board with bulkhead) from the wire when the fire is controllable, and put out the fire in time. At the same time, after solving the fire, check the meter in time and install a new meter box (ready board with bulkhead). If the meter box (ready board with bulkhead) burns violently and endangers the house, causing a larger fire, call the fire alarm immediately to extinguish the fire at this time, so as to minimize property losses. Finally, check the meter box (ready board with bulkhead) regularly to see if there are hidden dangers such as water leakage, and do a good job of maintenance and repair to avoid such things happening again.


What we should avoid is that in the face of this situation, do not use water to extinguish the fire, do not gather around, do not use iron tools to touch, etc., which will not solve the problem, but will bring serious consequences to life safety.

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