Electric meter box (split meter ready board), safety barrier in life

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With the popularization of electrified equipment, people's life is closely related to electricity. Whether it is family life, industrial production, agriculture and commerce, it is inseparable from electricity. Where electricity is used, an electricity meter box (split meter ready board) is needed. Electricity meter box (split meter ready board) is an important guarantee for electricity safety. In different areas of electricity consumption, different performance meter box (split meter ready board)es are needed.


Our household electricity is generally 220V, so the meter box (split meter ready board) used does not need too high performance. However, in order to avoid safety accidents, it is still necessary to install electrical materials with good insulation performance, chemical corrosion resistance, excellent UV resistance and aging resistance, long service life and other advantages. With the meter box (split meter ready board), people can better enjoy the safety and convenience of electricity.


The power consumption intensity of industrial production, agriculture and commerce is large, and the flow of people is relatively dense. It is necessary to ensure both safety and power demand, which has higher requirements for the performance of the meter box (split meter ready board). In addition to the basic functions of high performance, insulation resistance and leakage prevention, it also has to maintain good dielectric properties at high frequency, without reflecting and blocking the propagation of microwave.


It is with the meter box (split meter ready board) that we have a safety barrier in our life.

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