Usage of FRP meter box (ready board box)

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The electric meter box (ready board box) is a device for protecting the electric energy meter. There are many kinds of meter box (ready board box)es, such as transparent meter box (ready board box)es, glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box (ready board box)es, etc. the use and function of each kind of meter box (ready board box) are different. Here is a brief introduction to the use of FRP meter box (ready board box).


1、 Pay attention to the environmental conditions of using FRP meter box (ready board box)


The first is the use of the environment. The FRP meter box (ready board box) has high requirements for the ambient temperature. On the one hand, the average temperature cannot exceed +35 ℃, and the temperature range is - 40 ℃ - 80 ℃. On the other hand, the air quality must be good, clean and fresh, and the relative humidity must meet the requirements.


2、 The service life of GRP meter box (ready board box) is long, which can reach more than 20 years. Moreover, GRP meter box (ready board box) has high transparency, good insulation, corrosion resistance and other aspects, and has good rain proof, dust-proof, ventilation and heat dissipation functions.


3、 The FRP meter box (ready board box) adopts the concept of integrated design, which can be used either in a single box or in multiple boxes. The main switch can control the installation of multiple boxes, which is convenient for installation and management, and can prevent the occurrence of electricity theft.


It should be reminded that the installation and use of FRP meter box (ready board box)es must be undertaken by professionals.

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