The Ready Board factory produces safe and reliable Ready Boards

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The Ready Board is used more and more in African countries, so it is very necessary to maintain and clean it to avoid damage to the Ready Board and ensure the safety of family members


Barriers and isolation belts shall be set at the operation site to prevent non trained operators from entering Signboards are hung around the barrier. Correctly select tools and wear gloves, and wear hats during work The person in charge of the work shall remind the parts that may be touched by mistake at any time. The ground wire shall be installed in the proper position. Split phase disassembly and assembly. Do not lose ground wire protection.


Tighten the fixing screws of the guide rod of the knife switch moving contact to prevent the displacement of the moving contact. Adjust if necessary After all the maintenance work of the switch is completed, the work ticket shall be returned for the operator on duty to operate. An insulating cover shall be installed on the moving contact of the knife switch or an insulating diaphragm shall be installed between the moving and static contacts. A mechanical lock shall be installed on the opened knife switch operating handle. It shall be connected from the load side of the power switch, and it is strictly prohibited to connect the power across the fuse. The power cord shall not be rolled, smashed or rolled It is strictly prohibited to connect or remove the power line with electricity.


The electrical appliances on the panel surface of the Ready Board are flat or uneven, the indenter is not firm, the indenter damages the wire core, and the indenter of multiple wires is not equipped with crimping terminals. There is no card frame under the brake, the screws that are not tight should be tightened, and the spacing should be adjusted evenly and leveled as required. The damaged wire core shall be cut off and reconnected, multi strand wires shall be equipped with crimping terminals, and the card frame shall be supplemented.


If the cross section of grounding conductor or protective ground wire is not enough, the protective ground wire shall be connected in series. If these do not meet the requirements, they shall be corrected according to relevant regulations.


Ventilate the box with ventilation components to prevent excessive distilled water: the Ready Board has ventilation components at the lower and upper ends of the box door and back plate, and between the top plate and back plate. With the help of the heat generated by electrical components, the space in the box can be dehumidified, which can not only prevent the corrosion of metal parts in the box, but also prevent the occurrence of leakage current.

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