Pay attention to the quality problem of installing the Ready Board

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If the standard height or perpendicularity of the Ready Board is caused by inaccurate measurement and positioning or uneven ground, it shall be corrected in time.


The Ready Board factory first needs to understand the needs of users and select the box type suitable for users according to the actual situation. Therefore, when selecting the Ready Board, we should pay attention to the parameters of the primary components, which must meet the needs of users.


When the Ready Board is only a lighting box or a small power, when the incoming line is less than 10 square meters, if the number of switches is less than 20, the standard sum of switch width plus 20mm on each side is the width of the Ready Board, the height is the switch height plus 40mm, and the depth is the switch depth plus 10mm.


When the orientation of the fixed point of the equipment is offset, use the hanging wire to align from the beginning and then fix it. The surface of the panel electric appliance is not firm, flat or uneven, the indenter is not firm, the indenter damages the wire core, and the indenter of multiple wires is not equipped with crimping terminals. There is no card frame under the brake, the screws that are not tight should be tightened, and the interval should be adjusted evenly and leveled as required. The damaged wire core shall be cut off and reconnected, multi strand wires shall be equipped with crimping terminals, and the card frame shall be supplemented.


If the cross section of grounding conductor is not good or the cross section of maintenance ground wire is not good, the maintenance ground wire is connected in series. During the operation of Ready Board, these non-conforming requirements shall be corrected according to relevant regulations.


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