Precautions for wholesale of Split Meter Ready Board

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The Split Meter Ready Board is a reasonable assembly of current action protector and air circuit breaker inside.


Precautions for wholesale use of Split Meter Ready Board: the distribution box shall be intact, and the box door shall be closed in time after operation. When adding new load, it is necessary to consider whether the new current exceeds the rated current of the air circuit breaker controlling the circuit. Replace with air circuit breaker of corresponding capacity in case of exceeding. Cut off the power before replacing the air circuit breaker and fix it firmly after replacement.


When the circuit breaker is installed, the rated current of the air distribution box shall be taken into account, and the circuit breaker shall be replaced when the circuit breaker is installed. Residual current operated protector shall be tested at least once a month.


Wholesale structure of Split Meter Ready Board. The main structure of Split Meter Ready Board is divided into box, panel, installation support, neutral bus bar, grounding bus bar and other components. There are opening holes for operating the main switch and shunt switch on the panel. If it is not necessary to install all shunt switches, the opening holes can be partially closed with a sealing plate.


The knock down holes of incoming and outgoing lines are placed on the upper and lower sides or two sides of the box. There is also a long knock-out hole on the back, which can be used after tapping according to the needs of users. The Split Meter Ready Board can be divided into stainless steel box, iron box and plastic box according to the material of the box.


Protection, distribution box wholesale has a variety of protection against electric leakage, electric shock, short circuit, overload and so on. Incoming line mode: the upper, lower, left, right and back of the box can be provided with incoming line knock down holes to facilitate wiring. The box door is connected with the PE point in the box with multi strand flexible braided wire, and the whole box structure forms a continuous protection circuit.


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