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Water and electricity are not trivial matters, and accidents may occur if you are not careful. Therefore, you must pay attention to the selection of Ready Boardes, and choose Ready Boardes with good quality and reassuring quality


The Ready Board is generally composed of three parts: box, leakage switchgear and metering equipment. The wholesale of Ready Board belongs to the end protection device of household electricity. Its function is to cut off and connect the power supply and effectively control each line. The incoming end of Ready Board is connected to the outgoing side of watt hour meter, and the outgoing end is connected to household appliances, which is a guarantee for the safety of household electricity.


Before selecting the box size, first determine the number of leakage switches / circuit breakers, and select the appropriate box size according to the number and size of accessories. It is recommended to consult professionals for reference.


The function of the wholesale ground wire of the Ready Board is to lead the charged current of the electrical shell into the earth. Electric leakage will lead to the electrification of the electrical shell. When the human body contacts the charged metal shell, the resistance of the human body is greater than the resistance of the ground wire to the current. At this time, the current will be introduced into the earth along the ground wire, so as to ensure human safety. The ground wire shall be separately connected to the ground wire row, which can reduce the risk of human contact with the charged metal shell from the probability. If all the ground wires are screwed together and connected to the ground wire row, the ground wire has only one connection point on the ground wire row, and the problem of this connection point will lead to the loss of protection of all the ground wires in the room.


The zero line, also known as the neutral line, is led out from the neutral point on the secondary side of the transformer and forms a loop together with the phase line to supply power to the electrical equipment. Under normal circumstances, the zero line is repeatedly grounded with the ground wire at the neutral point on the secondary side of the transformer to play the role of double protection.


The circuit breaker in the Ready Board is also called air circuit breaker. The principle of the circuit breaker is to use air as the insulating medium to connect the current in the circuit, so as to generate heat for the components, promote the bimetallic sheet inside to bend upward after receiving heat, and push the lever to open the locked latch and cut off the power supply, so that the circuit breaker will trip automatically to achieve the function of protecting the current. (generally, the automatic tripping is caused by the overload of the circuit or short circuit)

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