What are the advantages of the Ready Board designed by the manufacturer?

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Facing the difficulties and challenges such as the increasingly heavy task of power grid construction, the increasingly complex external environment and the huge pressure of security control.


The switch in the Ready Board acts flexibly and reliably. The Ready Board is equipped with a leakage protection circuit. The action current of the leakage protection device is not more than 30mA and the action time is not more than 0.1s. In the lighting box, the busbar of zero line (n) and protective ground line (PE line) are set respectively, and the zero line and protective ground line are distributed through the busbar.


The wiring in the Ready Board shall be neat without splicing. The conductor shall be closely connected without damaging the core wire and continuous strand. The cross-sectional area of the wire pressed on both sides of the screw under the washer is the same, the wire connection on the same terminal is not more than 2, the anti loose washer and other parts are complete, and the wire connection is tight. Perpendicularity of Ready Board: the box height is less than 50cm, and the allowable deviation is 1.5mm. The box height is more than 50cm, and the allowable deviation is 3mm. The embedded installation of the Ready Board is firm, and the height from the bottom edge to the ground is 1.8m.


The security equipment of the Ready Board includes: circuit breaker, leakage protector, surge protector, etc. The distribution board includes: Ready Board, distribution cabinet, distribution board, distribution panel, etc. it is a complete set of devices for centralized installation of switches, instruments and other equipment. Circuit control equipment. There are various manual and automatic switches.


Measuring instruments. Indicating instruments include ammeter, voltmeter, power meter, power factor meter, etc. Measuring instruments include: active watt hour meter, reactive watt hour meter, and current transformer and voltage transformer matched with the instrument. Bus and secondary line. The bus includes: the power line from the outlet of the low-voltage side of the distribution transformer to the distribution room (box) and the bus bar (line) on the distribution board. The secondary line includes: measuring signal, connecting line of protection control circuit.


The box body and internal setting of Ready Boards at all levels must comply with safety regulations, the purpose of switching appliances shall be indicated, and the box body shall be uniformly numbered. For the stainless steel Ready Board that is out of use, the power supply should be cut off and the door of the box should be locked. The fixed Ready Board shall be provided with a fence and rain and smash proof measures.

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