Refer to the following qualification standards for Ready Boards

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Refer to the following items for the Ready Board. If the Ready Board can meet the requirements, the product must be from a qualified manufacturer. As a manufacturer of Ready Board, products will be delivered to customers only when they meet the conditions. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Check the system diagram with the product to see if it is consistent with the system diagram and meets the user or design requirements.


The wiring in front of the Board shall be installed. The wiring in front of the Board shall follow the principle of taking the contactor as the center, from inside to outside, from low to high, first installing the control circuit (stick to the bottom plate), and then installing the main circuit (overhead). The process requirements are as follows: it must be constructed according to the drawing and wired according to the wiring diagram.


The wiring channels of the Ready Board shall be as few as possible. The parallel wires in the same way shall be classified and concentrated according to the main and control circuits, arranged in a single layer and close to the installation board. The wiring shall be horizontal and vertical and evenly distributed. When changing the direction, it shall be changed vertically. Conductors in the same plane shall be consistent in height and front and rear, and shall not cross. For non crossing conductors, horizontal overhead crossing shall be carried out when the wiring terminal is led out, but the wiring must be reasonably routed.


Do not damage the insulation of wire core and conductor during wiring. When the wire is connected with the wiring terminal, the insulation layer shall not be pressed, the coil shall not be reversed and the copper shall not be exposed for too long. A number tube shall be sleeved on each wire stripped of the insulating layer, and only one number tube shall be sleeved on the same wiring terminal.


The number of Ready Board shall be written from bottom to top along the direction of number tube, and its text direction shall be from left to right. When connecting the conductor with the Fu and Sb terminals, the sheep eye shall be made first, and the conductor shall be fixed under the washer, and small strands of copper wire shall not be forked outside the terminals.

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