Factors affecting Ready Board

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If the Ready Board can be used normally, the normal life of users and the safety of public places can be ensured. However, if the Ready Board is paralyzed, the consequences will be unimaginable. Here are two important factors affecting the work of the Ready Board.


The external factors affecting the work of the Ready Board. The external factors affecting the safety of the Ready Board are mainly the working environment and natural disasters. The Ready Board shall be installed below 2000 meters above sea level, the air temperature shall be ± 40 ℃, and the ambient air shall be free from high humidity, high dust and high corrosion. Once the condensation of water vapor outside the distribution cabinet occurs, it shall be wiped and removed in time to avoid the occurrence of conductive phenomenon.


Natural disasters are force majeure. Although water, fire and earthquake in specific environment can not be avoided, the losses suffered by the Ready Board can be reduced by timely repair. In case of fire in electrical appliances, first cut off the power supply for rescue. Do not put it out directly with water to prevent electric shock. Always check the aging degree of the circuit.


Circuits with potential safety hazards must be replaced to ensure that they will not cause fire due to leakage; Turn off the power first and do not use water to extinguish the fire. Minors are strictly prohibited from approaching live equipment, and personnel who have not passed the examination of the power industry department are strictly prohibited from operating electrical equipment; Do not use unqualified lamp caps, lamp wires, switches, sockets and other electrical equipment.


The Ready Board indicates that the electrical equipment should be kept clean and intact, and the light line should not be too long or pulled around; If an electric shock is found, do not pull the person with your hand, quickly pull off the switch and pick up the wire with a dry wooden stick and bamboo pole, and immediately use the correct artificial respiration or extrathoracic heart compression method for on-site first aid.

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