Lighting control mode of street lighting distribution box

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The lighting ready board can be divided into two types according to the installation mode in structure: enclosed suspension type (i.e. exposed installation) and embedded type (i.e. concealed installation). The main structure is divided into box shell, panel, mounting bracket, neutral busbar and grounding busbar. There are opening holes for operating main switch and shunt switch on the panel. If you do not need to install all shunt switches, you can use a sealing plate to partially close the opening hole. The knockout holes for incoming and outgoing wires can be placed above and below the box shell. There is also a long round knock off hole on the back, which can be used after the user's own needs. The ready board can also be divided into steel box, stainless steel box, The lighting control modes that can be used in the street lighting distribution box include parallel control, series control, single power supply control, and single lamp control. The following sections will give a brief introduction.


Parallel control: 220V control power supply specially used to control several power points or transformer switch street lighting, and parallel control cannot be connected with lighting load


Series control: it is an earlier method of street lighting control


Single power supply control: it can be divided into wide range single power supply control and single transformer controlled by street lighting controller


Single lamp control: the power supply is directly to the lamp position without any control, and a simple light control switch is installed on the lamp of each lamp as the switch to control the street lighting

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