About household power distribution board

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Hydropower project is a relatively important thing in decoration, and the installation of hydropower has a very important impact on future life. The household power distribution board is the main control switch of the home circuit, and its installation is used for daily control of the home circuit in the future. So what are our requirements when selecting power distribution boardes? Let the power distribution board factory answer for you!


The shell of the power distribution board can be divided into metal shell and plastic shell. There are surface mounted and concealed mounted. When you choose it, the box should be intact. The wiring busbar in the box shall be provided with zero line, protective grounding wire and phase line respectively, which shall be intact and have good insulation effect. The mounting bracket of the air switch shall be smooth and free of defects and have enough space. The door panel of the power distribution board shall be provided with a transparent window for inspection. During installation, it should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, and there should be no obstructions to prevent it from being used at any time. Also, don't install the power distribution board too high. Generally, the standard installation height is 1.8m, which is convenient for operation (ps: you install it too high. When you need to use it, ask who to get it, but the low point is OK. Don't be too low. It's you who are tired when you come back). The electric tube put into the power distribution board shall be fixed by locking the nut. If the power distribution board needs to be opened, the edge of the hole shall be smooth and smooth.

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