[Household small power distribution box] The body structure is not casual

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What are the internal configurations of the household small power distribution box, and what should we do for the household? Let's talk about the small power distribution box factory. Not much, just for reference!

Generally, it means entering the outside line into the home. But its specification is very small. You can arrange and handle it according to your own ideas. But there must be leakage protector and miniature circuit breaker in the general small power distribution box. You can also replace the miniature circuit breaker with a separate leakage protector for each circuit. First, the general leakage protection, and then the small circuit breaker or the sub leakage protection. Generally, the electric lamp is connected with a small circuit breaker or leakage protector, then the socket is connected with a small circuit breaker or leakage protector, and the air conditioner is also connected with a separate small circuit breaker or leakage protector. If you don't want to be so troublesome and want to be simple, you can directly install a general leakage protector and a miniature circuit breaker (you can also directly not install a miniature circuit breaker). However, the quality of the leakage protection must not be poor, and the amperage of the current must exceed the amperage of the number of household appliances you turn on.

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