[Ready Board with ligthting bulkhead] Small size, big energy

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Pay attention to the following 8 points when installing the Ready Board with ligthting bulkhead!


First, there is a circuit breaker inside it, which is generally configured by professional personnel according to the requirements of the owner. The circuit breaker shall be installed according to the principle that upward operation is closing. The spare positions shall be blocked with special insulating materials.


II. If you want to save costs, 1p circuit breakers can be used for lighting and socket circuits, but the load current of each single-phase branch circuit should not exceed 16A, and the number of sockets should not exceed 4; If the lamps and sockets share the same circuit, the number of sockets should not exceed 5.


Three neutral wires and protective grounding wires should be connected to the terminal of the bus bar, not mixed together, and the wire diameter should meet the requirements.


The colors of the four phase line, neutral line and protective grounding wire should meet the requirements. The phase colors of L1, L2 and L3 should be yellow, green and red respectively. The neutral wire should be blue, and the grounding wire should be yellow and green.


Fifthly, the installation height should be considered according to the use occasion, whether it is dangerous, and the convenience of operation and maintenance. It is generally stipulated that the distance between its bottom and the ground is 1.5m.


VI. The installation place shall not be in damp, direct sunlight and corrosive places to avoid insulation aging too quickly.


VII. The installation shall be firm and upright. Before formal use, the internal wiring terminals should be checked one by one to see if they are tightened.


VIII. The ready board shall be clearly marked with the name of the electrical circuit with labels or markers, because it will be convenient to control and check each circuit.

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