Purchase power composite distribution board, open your eyes

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Many people just go to see the size, brand and price of the composite distribution board when purchasing it. They often ignore some important parts. The composite distribution board factory wants to tell everyone about the selection of composite distribution boards, which should be inspected with open eyes.


1. At present, there are mainly two types of composite distribution boards: metal shell and plastic shell, and there are two types of concealed and exposed type in the structure. Therefore, the selection should be based on the actual needs. No matter which type of composite distribution board is selected, the box must be intact;


2. At the junction of the indoor composite distribution board, the phase line, zero line and protective ground connection should be set respectively, and the overall and local accessories must be intact. You can use a pencil to measure the insulation;


3. The mounting bracket of the air switch shall be smooth, free of obstruction and have enough space;


4. The door panel of the composite distribution board shall be equipped with a transparent window or a transparent door panel for safety inspection.

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