Fire lighting power distribution never retreat before and after a fire

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[Fire Distribution] "never before and after the fire"


Fire distribution all rescue activities, such as post fire lighting and depletion of firefighters, require electricity, and the operation of various fire-fighting equipment requires electricity. In case of fire, the normal power supply will stop working first, so all fire fighting equipment shall be able to switch two-way power supply. Therefore, the fire alarm system needs a special power supply system to ensure the power required for the operation of the fire alarm system even in case of fire. This power supply system requires the main load, and the diesel generator set is used as the standby power supply to supply power from the main load.


[Fire Distribution] in case of fire, the wire may break, and sometimes the fire may lead to fire. Therefore, the power supply must be cut off artificially to prevent the spread of the disaster. In this case, in order to ensure the safety and smooth evacuation of personnel, the command center can continue to work and build structural work. In the fire control system, the emergency lighting and evacuation indicators must be considered in the system design.


Fire emergency lighting system usually uses fire emergency lighting. The fire power of the lighting equipment is provided by a set of diesel generators. The white light conversion unit of main power supply and diesel generator set power supply is set in the emergency light distribution box to provide generator power supply in case of power failure (or battery power supply) to immediately supply power to the standby power supply. For supply.


Generally speaking, fire accidents are installed in key places and parts, such as evacuation stairs of high-rise buildings, front rooms of fire stairs, fire elevators and fire front rooms, power distribution rooms, fire control stations, fire pump rooms and white standby generator rooms. The lighting shall still have the brightness required for operation.


The evacuation indicator is usually installed in the evacuation passage, which can enter or leave the stairs, and is installed on the top of the door with a green mark.

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