Who is the safety factor of outdoor waterproof distribution box far away from electrical appliances

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Cold rolled steel plates are mostly used as raw materials for outdoor waterproof distribution box.


Cold rolled sheet is usually divided into common (C < 0.12%), low carbon environmental protection grade (C < 0.10%) and very low carbon grade (C < 0.08%). The lower the carbon content, the higher the cold plastic deformation. Cold rolling is cold working, including cold drawing and cold drawing, which can remove rust and straighten. The most important thing is to change the steel properties through cold drawing strengthening and steel aging!


At present, a considerable number of production enterprises use ordinary cold rolled steel. Therefore, compared with low-carbon environmental protection grade and very low-carbon grade, they can control the cost in terms of cost, but their quality is not as good as both. Therefore, at that time, it is best to select the cold rolled steel plate with relative low-carbon environmental protection grade.


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