GCS switchgear sets use and potential will always be unlimited

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[complete switchgear GCS] for motor power supply, distribution and centralized control, as well as 50 Hz three-phase AC, 400 V (690 V) rated working voltage, 4000 a rated current and three-phase AC capacitance compensation. It is widely used in power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other places. It can also be used in large power plant, petrochemical system and other places with high degree of automation. The interface computer is required. The executive standard: This product meets the requirements of gb7251.1-1997 "low voltage switchgear and control equipment" and JB / t9661-1999 "low voltage withdrawable switchgear".


The structural features of [GCS full open close cabinet] 1 frame are made of 8MF open section steel, and the main frame is equipped with Φ 9.2mm mounting hole, e = 20 mm, 100 mm module, flexible and convenient frame assembly. The two unit function rooms are isolated from each other, and the compartments are divided into function unit room, room bus and cable room.


The function of each camera is relatively independent. The device of level 3 bus installed on the back of the cabinet can improve the resistance of the bus, which is the basic measure to make the main circuit have high short circuit resistance. The 4-wire compartment design is convenient for connecting cables up and down. The height of 5 drawers is 160mm. The drawer only changes the height dimension, and its width and depth dimension will not change. The drawers of the same functional unit have good interchangeability.


Rated current of unit circuit is 400A and below. 6 drawer panel with obvious location, combination, test and extraction signs. The drawer unit is provided with mechanical interlock. 1 drawer unit is the main body, with extraction type and fixed characteristics. It can be mixed. The protection level of cabinet 7 is IP30 IP40, which can also be selected according to the user's needs.

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