What is the difference between XL power distribution cabinet and lighting box?

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What is the difference between XL power distribution cabinet and lighting box? Terminal power distribution, main load, lighting lamps, ordinary sockets, small motor load, etc. The load is mainly single-phase power supply, as well as three-phase power supply, but less applications, less than the total current, less than 15a, 63A and the usual single output current loop. Non professional work is usually allowed.


[XL power distribution cabinet]:


The main load provides power to the lighting load (non terminal power distribution, such as the high-level 63A, trillion person distribution box) with the lamp and its large cabinet combining power or lighting and power. Usually only experts can operate.


Sockets and lights can be connected to the same cabinet, but the switch control is different! Generally, sockets and lamps can be disconnected from the final load. The top switch can be the same switch. This is usually not a requirement for energy conservation. This is due to grounding and zero connection requirements, socket grounding and lighting line zero connection.

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