XM distribution box work should be realistic

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The following points are discussed based on practical work experience:


1. XM distribution box is developed overseas and is usually sold in the global power supply and distribution market. Due to the different habits and requirements of the distribution system in each country, XM distribution box may not be fully applicable to the domestic market.


2. The main electrical components used in XM cabinet are imported brand products. Some cabinets or some cabinet accessories must be imported from abroad. Therefore, the price of XM cabinet is usually higher than that of domestic cabinet.


3. The technical parameters in XM distribution box are very high, but most of them are only partial rather than none at all. For example, XM distribution cabinet circuit will be installed in more than the number of domestic distribution cabinets, but in most cases, it can not meet the needs of users and can be realized on the premise of restoring capacity.


4. Although the technical parameters of household distribution cabinet are lower than those of XM distribution cabinet, most household power supply and distribution systems can meet your needs.


  1. As long as the manufacturer strictly abides by 3C production and inspection requirements, the quality of domestic distribution cabinet is not necessarily worse than that of XM distribution box.
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