14 installation taboo of lighting distribution boxes (Part one)

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Taboo 1:


The lighting distribution box (board) was not inspected when entering the site


Consequences: the lighting distribution box (board) was not inspected before entering the site, and it was often found after installation that: the second layer board had no special grounding bolt, the section of protective ground wire was small, the openable door with electrical appliances was not reliably connected with the metal frame with bare copper flexible wire, the connection between the wire and the appliance was not firm, there was reverse coil phenomenon, the screw mother did not use galvanized parts, and the wire diameter did not meet the requirements, There is no identification according to the color code, no card cabinet and electrical circuit diagram, unreasonable appliance layout and spacing, and no N and PE terminal block.


Measures: when processing and ordering, we should put forward the technical requirements that meet the design and specification standards to the manufacturer, and ask the manufacturer to make samples, and after the acceptance, we can produce again; When the products enter the site, they shall be inspected and accepted in strict accordance with the requirements of the design and specifications, and they shall be installed after they are confirmed to be qualified.


Taboo 2:


Use wood materials without flame retardant treatment


Consequences: if the lighting distribution box (board) is used in humid and dusty places, wooden ones are easy to mildew and leakage. In addition, the wooden box (board) without flame retardant treatment, easy to cause fire, is unsafe.


Measures: in order to ensure safe use, lighting distribution box (board) should not be made of combustible materials. Even in dry and dust-free places, the wooden distribution box (board) should be flame retardant before use.


Taboo 3:


The installation is not firm and the elevation does not meet the requirements. During installation, the edges around the panel are not close to the wall


Consequences: the installation elevation of lighting distribution box (board) does not meet the requirements, the installation is not firm, and the box is not vertical. When it is concealed, the edges around the panel are not close to the wall, which affects the use function, and the appearance is not good.


Measures: the elevation should meet the design requirements, and the height from the bottom of the lighting distribution board to the ground should be 1.8m. The lighting distribution box (board) shall be firmly installed, and the allowable deviation of verticality shall not be greater than 3 mm. When it is concealed, there shall be no gap around the distribution box, the edges around the panel shall be close to the wall, and the contact parts between the box and buildings and structures shall be coated with anti-corrosion paint.


Taboo 4:


The lines are in disorder and not bundled


Consequences: the lines in the lighting distribution box (board) are in disorder, and the two-layer board in the box tightly presses the pipe orifice, which affects the wire to enter the box. If the wire is forced into the box, the insulation damage of the wire will be caused for a long time, which is easy to cause short circuit. The maintenance is inconvenient and the appearance is affected.


Measures: when metal box is used for lighting distribution box, antirust and anti-corrosion treatment shall be done. The outlet hole in the box can not be opened by electric welding, but one pipe with one hole. The hole in the metal box should be protected before threading. The lines should be arranged in order, the position of the pipe into the box should be reasonably arranged, and the two-layer plate should not be tightly pressed on the pipe. The wires in the box should be coiled around the box and bundled neatly.


Taboo 5:


N and PE busbars are not set


Consequence: N and PE bus bars are not set in the lighting distribution box (board), which can not ensure the safe operation of the line.


Measures: in the lighting distribution box (board), zero line (N line) and protective ground line (PE line) bus bars shall be set respectively. The zero line and protective ground line shall be connected on the bus bar, and shall not be twisted and numbered.


Taboo 6:


The wiring of screw fuse is not correct


Consequences: the wiring of spiral fuse installed in lighting distribution box (board) is incorrect, and the power line is connected to the threaded terminal, which will affect the replacement of fuse core, and improper operation is easy to cause electric shock.


Measures: in order to ensure safety, the power line of the spiral fuse installed in the lighting distribution box (board) should be connected to the terminal of the middle contact, and the load line should be connected to the threaded terminal.


Taboo 7:


The protective wire is not in place, and the wire diameter is not in line with the requirements


Consequences: the protective wires of lighting distribution box (board) are not arranged from the terminals, but are connected in series with the box frame, the wire diameter is not set according to the requirements, and the protective ground wire is not set for the devices with super safe voltage at the door of the distribution box, which is easy to cause safety accidents.


Measures: according to the requirements of the specification, the protective ground wire bus bar shall be set in the lighting distribution box (board), and the protective ground wire shall be connected on the bus bar. The cross-sectional area of the protective ground wire shall not be less than that of the lead wire from the power supply to the electrical appliance, and shall be selected according to relevant regulations. The grounding on the distribution box (board) shall be firm and good, and there shall be anti loosing device.


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