Difference between lighting distribution box and power distribution box

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1. Difference between lighting distribution box and power distribution box


Lighting distribution box: terminal power distribution, the main load is lighting appliances, ordinary sockets, small motor load, etc., the load is small, mostly single-phase power supply, but also three-phase power supply, but less application, the total current is generally less than 63A, single outlet circuit current is less than 15A. Generally, non professionals are allowed to operate.


Power distribution box: the main load is power or lighting and power used together, as well as the large capacity distribution box that provides power for lighting load (beyond 63A level, non terminal distribution, such as the upper level distribution of lighting distribution box). Usually only professionals are allowed to operate.


The power distribution cabinet is mainly used for three-phase four wire power control under 500V AC. it has the advantages of compact structure, convenient maintenance and flexible combination of line schemes. It is equipped with automatic components such as circuit breaker, fuse, AC contactor and thermal relay to supply power and protect various power equipment in the production process, including water pump, fan, air compressor, ball mill, etc Conveyor belt and conveying system, air conditioning, electric heating system, etc.


2. Safe operation of distribution box


With so much knowledge, the distribution box is still very common in our lives. Because the distribution box is charged, it is dangerous. We should pay attention to safety when contacting or operating. Let's talk about the safe operation process of the distribution box


(1) Power on: first turn on the main switch, then turn on the external power.


(2) Power off: turn off the external power first, and then turn off the main switch.


In addition, precautions for safe operation of electric box:


(1) No sundries shall be placed in the distribution box and switch box, and they shall be kept clean at all times.


(2) No other temporary electrical equipment shall be connected to the distribution box and switch box.


(3) Keep your hands dry when operating the switch. Don't touch the switch with wet hands.


  1. Operate the switch with one hand on the side, keep a certain distance between the face and the electric box, do not face the front.
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