Brief introduction distribution box welding common sense and maintenance

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The welding and bolt connection of the distribution box made by the distribution box manufacturer shall be firm, and the welding seam shall be uniform and smooth, without welding skin, welding penetration, air hole and other adverse phenomena; The bolt connection shall have flat and spring washer, and 2-5 threads of exposed thread. The parts and opening edges in the distribution box shall be flat and smooth without burr and crack.


At the same time, two lugs are welded at the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the back of the non floor type distribution box. The lug is made of 40x4 flat steel, and the length of the flat steel is 10cm.


The connection method and assembly layout of components in the box are reasonable, the number, size and shape of the reserved holes in the inlet and outlet lines and the installation mode of the box meet the requirements of the national standard, Atlas and design drawings. The reserved inlet and outlet holes or knockout holes should have corresponding sealing accessories, which can meet the three-level sealing requirements after the inlet and outlet lines are assembled.


The thickness of the steel plate selected for the box body shall not be less than 1.5mm, the cabinet body of the distribution cabinet shall be made of cold-rolled steel plate with the thickness of not less than 2.0mm, the thickness of the steel plate door and plate surface shall not be less than 2.0mm, the thickness of the back plate shall not be less than 3.0mm, the guide rail shall be firm, and the structure of the distribution cabinet shall be complete and firm.


The quality of low-voltage distribution box is directly related to the safety of life and property, so the daily maintenance of low-voltage distribution box is very important, in this low-voltage distribution box for your professional introduction.


Pay attention to the daily maintenance of distribution box. Before maintenance, the power distribution cabinet should be cut off, and then the dust in the cabinet should be cleaned, and then check whether the bus and related lines are well connected, and whether the joint points are heated, discolored and rusted, so as to ensure that everything meets the requirements of insulation installation.


Secondly, check the drawer type switch cabinet to see if it can be pushed and pulled flexibly, and ensure safety by mechanical locking. Again, the capacitor cabinet should also be carefully checked. First, disconnect the main switch of the capacitor cabinet, and then check whether the appearance is good and whether there is oil leakage. If the shell of the capacitor is found to expand, it should be treated in time and replaced with a new device.


Check and repair the circuit breakers in the receiving cabinet and contact cabinet to see if the wiring screws are loose and whether the elasticity of the knife edge meets the specified standards. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the contact is in good condition. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time.

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