On the difference of distribution box, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet and control box

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Usually, the distribution box is called distribution box. It is mainly used for the control and distribution of electrical equipment, it protects the line from overload, short circuit and leakage. Distribution box is installed in various places, such as school, factory, workshop, home, etc., such as lighting distribution box, distribution box, etc.


Chongqing power distribution cabinet is assembled according to the wire requirements. Switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment are assembled in enclosed or semi enclosed metal cabinets or screens to form low voltage distribution devices. In normal operation, the circuit can be opened or closed by means of manual or automatic switch. There are many types of distribution cabinets.


In case of failure or abnormal operation, cut off the circuit or give an alarm through the protection device. The measuring instrument can display all kinds of parameters in the process of operation, and can also adjust some electrical parameters to prompt or send out deviation from the normal working state. Commonly used in all kinds of hair, distribution and substation.


Switchgear is a complete set of switchgear and control equipment. It serves as the power center and main distribution unit. It is mainly used for control, monitoring, measurement and protection of power line and main electrical equipment. It is usually installed in substations, distribution rooms, etc.


In addition to function, installation environment, internal structure and controlled objects, distribution box and switchgear have different external dimensions. The distribution box is small, can be hidden on the wall, can stand on the ground. The cabinet is very large, only the equipment is in the substation and distribution room.

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