XL power distribution cabinet "installation and use"

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XL power distribution board is 3.6 kV ~ 72.5 kV voltage level. The leading products of switchgear are 12 kV and 40.5 kV voltage level switchgear, which are widely used in distribution network, end users and other fields including metal closed switchgear, circuit breaker, disconnector, etc


Before installing XL power distribution board, the environmental requirements of control room should be met, all decoration works should be completed, and the room should be clean and safe.


Installation and fixation of distribution board


① After the distribution board is delivered to the site, organize open box inspection to check whether there is deformation, coating, instrument components are complete, spare parts instructions are missing, and make open box records.


② According to the configuration of the construction drawing, the switch cabinet is placed on the foundation section steel in turn. After positioning the boxes in a row, first find the boxes at both ends, draw a thin line from the bottom of the box to two-thirds of the height, and align one by one, with the box surface as the benchmark.


In the process of using the distribution board, the user needs to know the warning clearly, and the warning of the distribution board needs to know carefully: temperature warning: when the temperature in the temperature regulating distribution board exceeds the allowable range, the warning signal will be issued. Door opening alarm: the alarm signal will be sent out when the cabinet door is opened. Temperature probe fault alarm: when the temperature probe is effective, it will automatically enter the protection operation mode while sending out the fault alarm signal to ensure that the temperature in the cabinet is within the required range. System fault alarm: when the refrigeration and heating units of the system fail, a fault alarm signal will be sent out.

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