Fire lighting distribution box "purchase carefully, fault is not accidental"

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The connection mode of low-voltage capacitor bank of fire lighting distribution box is improved, and the installation position of low-voltage capacitor bank is changed from the pile head on AC contactor to the connection between low-voltage incoming line of distribution box and electricity meter.


To prevent inaccurate measurement of metering device due to capacitor circuit open phase or capacitor damage during operation. In addition, bsmj series capacitor should be selected to ensure reliable component quality and safe operation.


Select energy-saving AC contactor (similar to cj20si type) products, pay attention to the connection between the coil voltage of AC contactor and the corresponding terminal selected as current action protector, and pay attention to the correct load matching.


When selecting AC contactor, the products with insulation grade of a or above shall be selected, and the rated current of main circuit contactor shall be greater than or equal to the load current of controlled circuit. The rated voltage of contactor solenoid is 380V or 220V.

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