How to deal with the damage of the electrical equipment route of the distribution box or the insulation layer of the machinery and equipment?

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The key function of electrical equipment is to transmit, distribute and transform electromagnetic energy. This function is maintained according to the commodity circulation of electric current. Many common faults and safety accidents of electrical equipment are all caused by overheating of electrical equipment. Early detection and removal of overheating can greatly reduce the common faults and safety accidents of power supply system and improve the credibility of power supply system. The following enterprises give you a detailed analysis of the causes of electrical equipment fever for your reference.


1. Load


To put it bluntly, load means that the current of electrical equipment or transmission line exceeds its rated value. After the load current rise, a long time, it will cause electrical equipment overheating.


2. Short circuit fault (the current does not pass through the electrical appliance, immediately connect the two poles of switching power supply)


Short circuit fault (the current is not used by electrical appliances, immediately connected to the two poles of switching power supply) is a common fault of electrical equipment. Most of the fire accidents in power are caused by short circuit fault (the current is not used by electrical appliances, immediately connected to the two poles of switching power supply), The current in the route is expanded to a multiple or even dozens of times of all normal times, which greatly increases the temperature. If the ignition temperature of flammable materials around is achieved, fire accidents can be caused.


3. Loose and poor heat dissipation of heat pipe


The key to looseness is the junction of electrical conductors. For example, the connection of the fixed connector is not stable, the electric welding is not good, or the surface of the connector is damaged. All these are caused by the overheating of the connector due to the lifting of the insulated resistor. Due to vibration or heat effect, the detachable connector of electrical equipment will loose at the joint, which will also cause overheating of the connector. All kinds of electrical equipment are designed and installed with natural ventilation and heat pipe heat dissipation. If this kind of equipment is abnormal, it will also cause overheating of lines and machinery.


4. Leakage


After the electrical equipment line or the insulated layer of machinery and equipment is damaged, under certain standards, there will be leakage. Generally, the leakage current is not large, and the fuse position of the line can not be made, so it is not easy to be found. When the leakage current is more symmetrical (J ū n y ú n) The risk factors of fire accident are not big when the ground is all over; But when the leakage current is concentrated at a certain point, it will cause the serious part to get hot and cause fire accidents.


Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of meter boxes. What are the main types of meter boxes? How to choose the right meter box?


The electric meter box mainly includes ordinary electric meter box, FRP type electric meter box, transparent electric meter box, plug-in card type electric meter box, prepaid electric meter box, etc.


Daily ordinary meter box can play the role of voltage protection in the family; The FRP box is in the top position now. It has good insulation, good combustion resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging. In case of fire, this material can prevent fire from happening. The service life of this voltage box is very long, and it is more affordable. So many companies now love it. Companies are starting to use it; The plug-in meter box is easy to use, and its work is controlled by people's plug-in cards. The insulation effect of the meter box is good, and it has the properties of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof, etc. this kind of meter box is mainly suitable for schools. Students can use the electric card to charge, and then insert the charged electric card into the meter box to charge the electricity, So as to strengthen the school's management of students' electricity consumption; The transparent meter box is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and imported flame retardant ABS engineering plastics. It has the advantages of aging resistance, small volume, light weight, anti stealing electricity, anti ultraviolet and so on. Its main feature is that it has transparent characteristics, which makes it more convenient for people to observe the use of electricity and some circuit problems, The setting of this kind of watch box can greatly reduce the occurrence of fire. It is not only more convenient than other types of watch boxes, but also more safe than other types of watch boxes.

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