Why should a family install a distribution box and how to choose the location of the distribution box?

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Distribution box is particularly important for household electricity

With the use of electricity in modern life, almost every household now has a power distribution box. If you want to decorate your home, you must pay attention to water and electricity. Home circuit laying is an important link. Everyone has a variety of electrical appliances in their homes. For the decoration of general buildings, wires, that is, hidden lines, must be laid in advance, so that they can look better. That requires a distribution box. If you want to use electricity safely, you need a distribution box, so the distribution box is particularly important for household electricity.

How to select the location for installing the distribution box

During the installation of the actual distribution box, if the location of the distribution box is not perfect or is different from the actual site requirements, the installation personnel should timely submit the modification suggestions to the design unit, and the designer should carry out an all-round conception or survey in the actual construction site according to the construction drawings, and should meet the actual needs without affecting the aesthetics, Determine the actual installation position of the distribution box. It is a basic skill for a qualified electrician to determine a reasonable installation position according to the actual needs of the site, specify the installation height and firmly install the distribution box. According to the specifications, the height from the bottom of the distribution box to the ground is generally 1.4 meters, which can also be based on the convenience of actual operation and maintenance. The installation height can be appropriately increased or reduced with the consent of the design unit. The installation height of large area multiple distribution boxes in the same place shall be uniform. The installation of distribution boxes must be flat, firm, and the levelness deviation shall not be too large. The connection between the incoming and outgoing conduits of open mounted distribution boxes and the distribution boxes shall be tight, firm, exquisite, and beautiful.

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